About Us

Welcome to Diabetic-Wear, I have been Type 1 Diabetic since February 5th 1989 and have had many medical issues because of this disease. I Was told as a child that i may only live to my early 40's. I know the issues with Diabetes and we are here to help bring awareness to this disease.. Proceeds go to JDRF.org & The American Diabetes Association for research & one day a cure.. Thank You for Supporting Diabetes Awareness. 

Giving Back

Here at Diabetic-wear Clothing, we know that our practical fashion helps to make a daily problem a little easier. But ideally we want to see an end to the problem of Type 1 diabetes altogether! To help towards this, we pledge 5% of our profits to diabetes research taking place around the world. So every time you shop with us, you are helping to fund life-changing research towards a cure.
  • We are Located at 3788 Lorraine Ln  Las Vegas NV 89120,
  • We donate to JDRF and The American Diabetes Association
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